Yearning to Get What We Want

Posted by on August 8, 2015

Buddha sees and reminds us desire leads to misery, often bittersweet misery.

Buddha sees and reminds us desire leads to misery, often bittersweet misery.

When we yearn for something else we are in the confines of desire.  When we don’t get what we want, we suffer. We react. We feel miserable. We act against whatever we think prevents us from getting what we want. The world becomes an enemy to oppose.

We have mistaken the source of our discomfort.

We think and believe the source of our discomfort comes from external circumstances. We believe the myriad conditions of life are sovereign. We believe if we change our circumstances we will get what we want. Desire reigns

Desire rules the cycle of bitterness and misery. Samsara is the world of wandering through the various realms of desire that results in bitterness and misery.

Our yearning for something else tells us where we are. We are in the prison of desire. The confinement of desire overshadows our ability to see what is right in front of u

When we look forward we get excited by fear. When we look back we stumble into sorrow and regret. We believe our desire to escape is the truth. We begin to put an escape plan together along the route of desire for something else.  We yearn for things to be otherwise. We talk about it. We take action to get it, whatever it is. We limit our vision. We fumble.

We do it again.

We race forward in thoughts. We look back in thoughts. We react. We feel. We take action. We fail to see that it is our yearning to get what we want is ruling and we are subject to it.

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