With or Without;Not in, Not out

Posted by on July 7, 2015

By Yao Xiang Shakya, efhancient god

The things of the world keep us oriented in the world, focused on the world giving us a sense of protection. Physical protection, time orientation and spatial orientation are all of the things we tend to rely on. These things give us a sense of being invulnerable to harm, physical harm, impermanence and presence in a body somewhere.


A solid footing…

We begin to look tough, believe we are tough and act invulnerable.



Solid Footing © A Single Thread

To See

To see the Beloved we set aside these protections. Our desire to see the Beloved needs to be greater than our desire for our own physical protection, our own identity, our own sense of invulnerability. And we need to let go of our sense of measuring time.

Why do we need to measure time? We need to let reality appear as it is; the oppositions of light and dark merge; light in dark, dark in light without or with vanish, in and out are in balance.

The adders in the flowers no longer threaten us. In some ways it is to override our instinct to survive and fall overboard into the dark vastness.

Desire and ill-will no longer blind us and we begin to love without wanting anything in return. We simply stop trying to get something. We do without is known as the same as doing with.


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