Winter Retreat February 18th – April 1st

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Benedict’s Dharma:  Finding Nourishment in a Glutted and Spiritually Famished World


Benedict in the title refers to Saint Benedict, who in 529 wrote a rule for his monastery.  This rule is still used in monasteries around the world.  The word Dharma refers to a Buddhist concept of universal Truth.

These two words become the title of a book:  Benedict’s Dharma: Buddhists Reflect on the Rule of Saint Benedict.  The book basically transcribes an extended conversation between four contemporary Buddhists about the relevance of Benedict’s Rule in their daily practice.  They take the Rule outside the monastery and apply it to householder life.

In this retreat, we will use a similar approach by taking a dip into Benedict’s Rule and hearing from four other Buddhists,  an ordained Zen Buddhist priest and three trainees who will be ordained as Zen contemplative monks. They will take a selection from Benedict’s Dharma and apply it to their experience today’s glutted and spiritually famished world.


The retreat begins on Sunday, February 18th with a presentation at St. Nick’s Church in Evanston followed  by weekly discussions on Sundays at A Single Thread.

Each week a selection from the Benedict’s Rule from the book Benedict’s Dharma will be the reflection of the study group. Four perspectives will be given each week from four Buddhists. The first reflection will be on the following quote from Benedict’s Rule:

Listen, child of God….attend to the message you hear and make sure it pierces your heart.

Each week participants will be able to go online and read the four perspectives on a selection from Benedict’s Rule. At the end of the retreat an E-book of all the reflections will be posted on A Single Thread.


There are two options to participate.

Option 1: To participate in the local retreat beginning with the presentation at St. Nick’s followed by weekly discussions by four Buddhists at A Single Thread. All local participants will get access to the online material.

To register, contact Marilyn.

Option 2: To participate long distance and receive material online only.

To register, contact Liz.



 Lao di zhi Shakya, Spiritual Bio

In 1989 I heard a story on the radio that changed my life. It was the story of a drifter in California who entered a schoolyard playground with a semiautomatic rifle killing five, wounding 32 others then killing himself. After hearing the story I sat down on a cushion and began to chant. Since that time I have become more and more engaged in a spiritual practice which includes being a Eucharistic minister at St. Nicks, a Zen Buddhist priest and a contemplative at A Single Thread. After the senseless, random violence in California nothing seemed to make sense except to pray for the world. Buddhism provided me with a practice that enriched my spiritual life and it continues to do so.

In August 2017 I was ordained as a contemplative priest in the Order of Hsu Yun at A Single Thread, a Zen Buddhist Contemplative Order. In 2007 I was lay ordained in the Order of Hsu Yun. In 1997 I was lay ordained in a Soto Zen tradition.


Trainee, Ho Gestsu Sen Gen, Spiritual Bio

Trainee, Getsu San Ku Shin, Spiritual Bio

Trainee, Zhong Fen li Bao yu Di, Spiritual Bio

There is no charge for the retreat.
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