The Flake of Soap

Posted by on June 19, 2017

The Flake of Soap

By Fǎshī Lao Yue

As I washed my hands a small leaf-shaped flake broke off from the slippery soap bar and rested in my hand. It was leaf-shaped like a laurel leaf. It lay in my palm, pale and thin. It didn’t look much like the olive green parent which was darker and stout with rounded shoulders and a shadow of an etched in name.  But when I raised it up the sweet soft scent revealed its family heritage.

Much like the flaked off child we may look very different in size and shape but when raised up we give off the same scent of our ancient ancestors. The thin, pale flake held the same purpose as its progenitor. It gave up the small flake sized shape and the pale thin color as it cleaned things up. The more it fulfilled its purpose the more it disappeared leaving a sweet, soft scent.

May the merit of this practice benefit you and all beings.

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