Tell the Truth

Posted by on June 1, 2016

Forked Tongue  Yao Xiang Shakya 2016

Forked Tongue Yao Xiang Shakya 2016

Tell the Truth

In order to tell the Truth we need to know what it is. In Zen there are the facts or our views associated with the material world often known as the conventional point of view. Opinions and views are troublesome and often lead to more trouble.

This precept does want us to tell the truth and nothing but the truth regarding the material world as we know it. Here’s an example: “Did you eat the apple?” Truth be told…I did or I didn’t. We might be reticent to say if there was damage done or some forthcoming blame. In the face of God, Adam and Eve seemed to equivocate. Fudging is apparently an ancient human tendency.

The truth is often exaggerated or minimized, twisted and turned in order to suit our self-interest. And in fact, we are conditioned to present ourselves in the best possible light. We do it in order to get a job, get the guy, get the girl, get the raise, get something…so we can see how this truth is tainted with self-interest.

When you speak without self-interest, the truth might be told.


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