From Ming Zhen Shakya

Posted by on November 19, 2016


From Ming Zhen Shakya…

I really don’t want to be remembered, because I don’t think I’ve done anything to be remembered for. I’d just like to die alone without others anxiously clustering round me being kind and loving, and taking down final words.

I’d like to be alone, and I’d like to be as much as possible forgotten.

I can see nothing in myself to admire. I can see the greatness of God to admire: I wouldn’t mind that being remembered: that God was so infinitely good to me, and right from the start, made me aware of what He was.

But that could make people wish that they’d had that too, whereas He comes to them in a completely different way.

No, I think best just to let me fall into the dust and go to Him.




The above piece was written by Sister Wendy Beckett, a British Hermit & Consecrated Virgin. I read this piece to Ming Zhen Shakya while she was in hospice. Ming Zhen thought it said all that she would say as her last message on ZATMA and asked that it be posted after her death. Ming Zhen Shakya died last night, November 2016.


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