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This is a clear and simple practice to do every morning and evening. Begin with gratitude that you have found this practice path. Call out your own name, i.e., Your Name, What luck! Remind yourself of how lucky you are to find this Way.


  • Chant or recite out loud the following poem by Hsu Yun.

I am lucky to receive…

The chance to practice the Supreme Dharma of Emptiness Without fear of being invaded by the foolish affairs of outside life!


  • Set the time of sitting! Make it just as long as it takes one fragrant incense stick to burn down. In that time you can thread the basic principles of Buddhism into a lovely string of pearls.


One by one those marvelous concepts came from the East to encircle our hearts here in the West.

Here in this place we touch these sacred pearls and sing their praises like the sound of ocean waves.


  • Do 3 prostrations of Letting Go of any preoccupation.
  • Light a candle and incense.
  • Offer 3 bells.
  • Offer Purification- Use a leaf and some water and sprinkle the water on the crown of your head. Offer communion.


Every moment is fresh and new. Everything arises and ceases; everything is dissolving.

  • Notice the changes in your own body without the storyline.
  • Aging, sickness and death arise and cease everywhere. Nothing escapes the laws of nature, the laws of God.


Some of us do not understand that we are perishing here.

Those who understand this bring to rest their quarrels. [Dhammapada]


  • Renounce doing harm, ask for forgiveness from those you have harmed, forgive yourself.


Avowal of karma Confess your actions; Chant this 3X

All my ancient twisted karma, (strike the bell after each line)

From beginningless greed, hate and delusion,

Born through body, speech and mind,

I now fully avow.


Recite the three universal precepts

  • I do no harm. I cease from harmful actions.

Do No Harm – Cease from Evil It is the great teaching of all Buddhas everywhere.


  • I cultivate goodness in all conditions.

Cultivate goodness-The moon is in the dewdrop no matter what the circumstance. In all situations I return to the Dharma within. I train not to be swayed by external circumstances.


  • I purify the mind.

Purify the mind, let go of the non-essential. Realize that likes, dislikes and indifferences of the mind are hindrances to the pure mind. I let go of the non-essential. Pause and contemplate the non-essential.

What do you need versus what do you want?


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