Coming Around by Angela Just

Posted by on June 18, 2016

Everything I Own by AngelaEverything I Own by Angela

Editor’s Choice

The soul just wants to be left alone
in the car with the moon-roof open
and the seat rolled all the way back.
She locks the doors and squints through
space at quiet stars and winking planes.
She is dropping out of pulse, that hard

pentameter. She turns her unlined face
from drying bones and skin. Asleep
at the wheeling starry sky, she looses
her lips like an opening rose. The soul
lets her eyes roll to a darker side, tunes
the radio to no sound at all. A rose is red

in her hair: a flare, a tropic. She warms
to this climate, slips away. The rose
opens to hold her dreams. Then lets them
go. The soul wakes with a chill, closes
the roof, shifts into time and place.
Shakes a clot of petals from her lap.

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Everything I Own by Angela Just



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