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We are continuously reminded that everything comes to awaken us as everything continues to change.

My dear Old Sun, Ming Zhen died, the Order of Hsu Yun changed structure, I received the robe and mantle of a Chan Master (法式 Fàshì Old Moon), and became co-prior of The Order of Hsu Yun, A Ch’an Buddhist Order. Marilyn received priest ordination and three other practitioners are in training to be yunsui monks, wandering household priests.

We continue in the same place as a backyard, householder practice. The website grows and we still offer spiritual help to those who are sincere seekers of the Dharma.

We hope to offer open sittings sometime in November. If interested, check back.

We recommend: Work: Karma Yoga by Ming Zhen Shakya and  Concentration: One of Three Powers of Karma Yoga by Fashi Lao Yue

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