A Lesson from the Prairie

Posted by on November 11, 2016

Lessons from the Prairie

Lessons from the Prairie



Lessons from the Prairie II

Lessons from the Prairie II

There is nothing I own,
Or will ever own.

Yet I reach out,
Convinced that I can,
Then wanting more.

On the prairie,
In the nearby wood,
The hard, black legged tick perches
Atop a single blade of grass.

It extends and opens its front legs wide,
Wanting and waiting to grasp a passerby.

This behavior is called questing.
It reflects an all consuming search.

The grasp of the tick brings disease
To the object of it desire
And often destruction to itself.

In my silence yesterday,
I saw myself perched on a stem,
My arms outstretched,
Wanting more.
More affirmation
More adoration,
More control.
More time.

My outstretched hands were not empty.
When I wait and want,
I often offer an exchange
Sometimes it is benign,
Sometimes it causes harm.
It always serves me first.

Why do I give in order to own that which I cannot?
Why the desire to own
Instead of embracing and examining
The joy of belonging?

Zhong Fen li Bao yu Di


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