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Posted by on September 8, 2016


Holy Objects

Holy objects point to wholeness, not to the literal or concrete. Icons are one example of a holy object. It is not a mere symbol. A symbol suggests a contract or signa as a means of identification as in a badge. An icon is something greater. It shows a slice of something bigger.

When we enter a space we search for holy objects to determine whether we fit in as an ally. In a real sense, we are searching for the holy object. We look for the power of it to teach us something bigger than what is given within the confines of the frame of the object. We tend do this whether we know it or not.

Speakiing of...

Speakiing of…

The more universal the icon, the more widespread power it has.

A good question to start off is, “What is the icon image of my life as it is?” To begin to see your life as holy (wholeness) begins to broaden and deepen your place in the world. It, in some way, reveals the power of holiness.

In order to understand this, consider your big toe.  It is not just a big toe, it is part of a team of toes, and the team is part of a foot which is part of a leg, which is part of a body, which is part of being. The big toe suggests something larger. Your life suggests something larger.


  • How does your life complete the wholeness (holiness) of being? 
  • What is the bigger context of the frame of my life?”

In other words, we discover who we are in the eternal mosaic of being alive.

Attention to what shows up is a venerable and reliable method of this discovery. It will, if you give it some effort help you find out the bigger context, the holiness,  of the icon called ‘your life.’

What's showing up in your backyard...

What’s showing up in your backyard…

It requires effort to discover what is hidden in the frame of your life. It may sometimes feel like a coded message, but it might be better understood as a veiled bride or bridegroom waiting to be revealed. And…there is the possibility that somethings are meant to remain hidden. And hidden brightness requires a quiet, restful stance of faith.

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